There's a certain feeling of euphoria one experiences when in the good company of Sonik as he graces a stage and effortlessly commands the present company to engage in dancing, bouncing around and general all round merriment of the happy and memorable kind. Hypnotically, he's taken that tried and tested notion of producing, playing (and with his every being) performing electronic dance music and been instrumental in it's evolution into a newer, more revolutionary state.

Sonik had extremely fortunate beginnings and no less started at a very early age. Having Parents that were essentially as passionate about the electronic rave sound and scene as the man himself is now, Sonik's first attempt at mixing would be at just ten years old. In fact, if we really want to get to the roots of the matter, it actually all started with an episode of the iconic television show The Simpsons. The episode in question? 'Lisa's Saxophone Life'. It was watching this that gave Sonik a taste for wanting to learn and play an instrument, except it wouldn't be a Saxophone that helped shape his course, it would be a Synth Keyboard, being told simply that it has more sounds opened up a World of wonder and experimentation for Sonik and sure enough that Christmas a synth is exactly what he got and what would follow would be an unrelenting itch to make and play exceptional electronic music to the masses.

Shortly after this, Sonik learned the finer art of turntablism, at Secondary School no less, as for 1 an hour pupils could get to grips with a set of Technics 1210's and a mixer. Naturally that was an opportunity he took with both hands (and feet) and further fed his obsession for music production, DJ'ing and everything and anything in between; frantically collecting CD's from Car Boot sales, record stores, second hand shops and of course from his folks who would continue their tours up and down the country visiting the UK's finest rave events and bringing home the live recordings and packs.

By as young as 13, Sonik had mastered smooth mixing, clean beat matching, sharp crossovers, well balanced, well constructed sets on a set of Numark belt drives he got himself with a basic two channel mixer that happily met the approval of both his party proud Parents and that of the awe and amazement of his friends. Getting turntablism down to a fine art was now something that came with ease, the trick, at this stage, was proving it to the World's Promoters and venues.

Of course this wouldn't take him long at all. Quickly being marked as a one to watch figure and racking up an unmatched reputation as a bit of 'Kid Prodigy', Sonik was already playing venues long before he was old enough to be a patron in them. This was all above board of course, keeping it clean, sober and professional is something Sonik has always taken seriously, even in his much younger days. This aspiring beat fixer with somewhat unlimited and legendary potential needed to make a point and to do so, he'd need to be focussed and on the ball.

First taking to a stage in 2008 at the infamous hard house event 'Shine', held at OC's in Birmingham and a gig which was secured through a mutual respect and friendship between Sonik's Parents and the mastermind behind 'Shine' Tony Hunter; Sonik had the pleasure of opening up the brands New Years Eve party, a landmark in his career, it would be the first of many stellar performances that would see him move on to being a regular at Birmingham's Subway City for Alex Laird and then UK wide playing for a league of well known and well loved parties such as Xstatic, Atomik Weekender Ibiza, Sinistry, Storm, Rave On, Xstatic Summer Festival, Glowball, Sinistry, Hard House Heaven, Frantic, Rocked and the Atomik Weekender Ibiza, all paving the way for a bright future for the young and even then musically experienced artist.

Experience however comes from both study and hands on 'in the field' work and so during his journey, Sonik took to a BTEC in Music Technology, to which he was awarded both the desired qualification and a 'Student Of The Year' award.

Speaking of which, like any good, self challenging and constantly evolving artist that wants to raise his own bar Sonik's sound has continued to change and grow with him. Starting off with cutting up the entirely pure hard house sounds of Tidy Trax, Sonik's tastes leaned towards hard NRG as time moved on and since then has creatively manipulated beats and synths, still with hard house and hard NRG and hard trance roots but with a much groovier, funkier edge. Tracks like Anne Savage, Vinylgroover & The Red Head's 'The Pod' were huge influences and have, with the input of many other titanium classics of course, helped shape Sonik's investment in playing his own style of hard garage, which, is influenced by the 90's underground dance music sensation speed garage which mashed up nicely in Sonik's own way provides for hard, funky and dirty basslines that immediately cause an epic atmosphere in any venue.

Since that first and very energetic sure fire start in Birmingham, visits to stages UK wide have continued to grow in numbers, with highlights that include playing back to back with the Tidy Boys in Ibiza (using only Amber D's headphones), commanding the attention of a very happy 2, 000 strong crowd on the E:volve stage (a brand he also now promotes and owns alongside Jock Dreadster and Paul Stowe) at the World famous Bulldog Bash festival, smashing apart stages in Moscow at 'Hard Drive', playing back to back with Sam & Deano at Xstatic's birthday party, warming up for Lisa Pin-Up and BK at a festival called 'Party On The Pitch' and playing main room at Gatecrasher Birmingham for B2T NYD.

Sonik's also become somewhat of a dab hand in the Studio. After years of steadily working hard to build up the right equipment, the wayward artist now boasts a selection of his own productions, which in turn is another proud achievement to his so far impressive professional repertoire. Having released tracks such as the Track It Down hard dance chart smashing No.1 hit 'I Still Love You' with Digital Mafia (which was supported by hard house hero Andy Whitby in his Hardkast mix series, his live sets and hailed as 'Track Of The Year' as well as receiving support from Cally Gage and Sam & Deano) and the floor smashing 'Get This Feeling' featuring the very talented Lucy Clarke (which was released on hit maker Amber D's D-Licious label), Sonik's already well ahead of the game in terms of innovative production. Digital Mafia's remix of 'Get This Feeling' also appeared on the second edition of the best selling 'In An Ideal World' album as part of Sam Townend's mix which, is the presently feverishly popular new album and label concept from the Tidy Boys, detailing that Sonik's high standard of production is presently in demand and his efforts and talents are being deservedly noticed.

It is in fact an achievement that has afforded him the opportunity to work with others opening up his Studio to both tutorial and professional engineering for budding new producers wishing to learn a similar craft.

It is no way limited to hard dance or electronic underground dance music either, Sonik's tastes are indeed eclectic, a self confessed passionate lover of all things musical which widens the scope for further music production on different levels.

Also, and as aforementioned, Sonik is pleased to add Promoter to his list of accolades as he works closely on the continued development and success of the widely celebrated E:volve event brand. First discovering the party in it's infancy whilst taking place at a Skate Park, Sonik went demo in hand looking to get a set and sure enough, after much determination, he did, in 2008 at The Custard Factory with Paul Glazby. E:volve's original founding fathers Jock Dreadster and Paul Stowe were pleased to welcome Sonik as a resident.

Three years later, they were prouder still to welcome him as Co-Promoter where he now resides in the role of making sure all new E:volve parties in the Midlands are professionally organised and well promoted which also includes the their regular stints at the previously highlighted Bulldog Bash Festival for the Hell's Angels whereby they play host to over 15, 000 people year on year. Fast becoming one of the UK's fastest growing, well known and much loved underground parties, touring all over the UK (and beyond) Sonik's work as both Promoter and Resident make him a credit to the brand and to the scene on the whole and with 2013's parties looking to be their biggest yet, it's an exciting time for E:volve.

With a stylish look, energetic attitude and enthusiasm for doing what he loves most, Sonik's future grows brighter by the day. Studio business is good, with many new and exciting tracks, remixes and collaborations of a very high production value on the horizon, a new album focussing on the hard garage sound featuring mixed and unmixed tracks with Digital Mafia due for release this year, talks of new mixes in the pipeline and with furthermore, the birth of E:volve's very own record label E:volve Audio, Sonik's certainly a big fan of keeping himself busy and productive.

There's also dates locked with some of the World's biggest hard dance parties with gigs presently getting confirmed in South Africa, Finland and a tour of Australia for five weeks in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne on the agenda and with festivals both at home and abroad still on the horizon; Sonik, in every sense of the word is just that - fast, furious, hyper, devoted, dedicated, professional and without a shadow of any doubt what-so-ever amply equipped to ignite any dance floor he has the pleasure of commandeering for the night.

Thought provoking, uplifting and energising as a performer, Producer and Promoter, Sonik is proud to present to you the whole package, one that we're certain is well worth delivering to your dancefloor.


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