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It's the music industry, so it's a lot more corrupt than other industries, the scene is saturated by djs due to, well you already know but in short the 21st Century.

I think it's about knowing when not to play for free and how you make that transition rather than being hurded like a bunch of dj cattle to the "no payment for you dj slaughter house" because before long your organising ticket sales and coaches and how many you can bring and then you forget why you wanted to get into the music industry in the first place, djs promoters and in general the whole entertainment industry are all feeling the pinch.

No one is making money as easy these days and it does all come down to money, playing because your passionate is simply a standard requirement these days you see the word enough in people's biographies.

Simply put, it's the music industry a corrupt dog eat dog world that everyone in the scene shares a love for and everyone one wants a piece of the cake, the 21st century artist needs to be even more tactical and incentive to keep above water, that what I think anyway :)

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